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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Kait Brown
Headquarters Dayton, Ohio
Press Contact Kait Brown


Savorista crafts astonishingly delicious decaf and half caf coffee. Their variety of caffeine conscious coffees enables coffee lovers to savor the comfort of coffee anytime, without the impact of too much caffeine.

Savorista stands against the “death before decaf” stigma and instead frames caffeine consciousness as a proud aspiration. They are intentional about caffeine and are building a community and movement around living a life worth savoring. In this way, their brand disrupts the stale decaf market.

Founding Story

Too much caffeine was killing Kait’s mental health. During a wildly stressful period in her life, Kait realized that caffeine was amplifying her stress and preventing her from sleeping. Something had to change, but she couldn’t imagine giving up coffee or the comforting ritual she loved. When she finally decided to reduce her caffeine, Kait struggled to find great tasting decaf.

So she and Daniel set out on a global decaf quest. She embarked on a global decaf quest with her partner Daniel to find and craft delicious decaf without the chemicals. They met with and learned from farmers, decaffeinators and others in Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. This epic journey led to the discovery that some of the world’s best, most delicious coffee was in fact decaf.

And Savorista was born! In a blind taste test, they were astonished to find that their favorite coffee was decaf. This became Savorista’s first coffee, Colombian Inspiration. Now Kait and Daniel are thrilled to craft astonishingly delicious decaf and half caf for coffee lovers who don’t want the impact of too much caffeine. Savorista encourages thoughtfulness about caffeine as one important part of caring for your physical and mental health.


Kait Brown

Founder + CEO of Savorista

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Kait Brown, the founder of Savorista, started her love of coffee when she was a barista almost 20 years ago. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, West Africa where she worked with farmers to build an agricultural cooperative and access global markets. She discovered a passion for business which led her to an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and later to a few years as a management consultant. Kait started to drink even more coffee to get out of bed in the morning and to rebound from an afternoon energy slump. She realized that caffeine was amplifying her stress and anxiety and leading. Honestly, she found herself on a caffeine-fueled road to burnout. She was feeling jittery and anxious and decided to cut back on caffeine.

A year and a half later, Kait was living a caffeine-free lifestyle and feeling better, and she knew she was ready for something...more. Kait and her boyfriend Daniel started a journey to find really delicious coffee without caffeine and traveled through Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia on a global decaf quest to meet and learn from coffee producers, natural decaffeinators and many others in the industry. Kait and Daniel got engaged while exploring coffee in Ethiopia and now the first new baby Savorista is on the way!