Ryla Plant-based immunity support drink mixes


Date Established
Founder Chris Douglass, Will Reedy
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Beverage, Beauty
Press Contact Chris Douglass


Ryla Immunity Variety Pack
Ryla Immunity Variety Pack $14.95
Ryla Orange Strawberry Shot
Ryla Orange Strawberry Shot $39.95


Ryla offers plant-based immunity support blends. The organic superfood-based powders contain 500mg of Vitamin C and are easy to take on the go. With Ryla's powdered immunity support packets that easily dissolve in 4-12oz of water, ready to drinks wellness shots made from organic plants are more accessible and cleaner than the leading immunity support mixes. Ryla packets are non-GMO, gluten, soy and dairy-free. Like a wellness shot, Ryla packs a punch that will kick your immune system into high-gear. But, unlike other immunity support products, Ryla is made with a short ingredients list that’s simple, pronounceable, with no added sugar.

The plant-based immune support blends come in 20 packet boxes ($39.95/box) and are available in three invigorating blends: Orange Strawberry,Turmeric Orange Ginger Black Pepper,Ginger Lemon Cayenne Pepper. In July 2020, Ryla added a 6 Packet Immunity Variety Pack with 2 packets of each blend ($14.95/box) which gives consumers an opportunity to try out all three of wellness shots. All plants used in Ryla's blends are organic with the Ginger and Turmeric also being full spectrum. Full spectrum means that the Gingerol (the active compound in ginger that is really good for you) and the Curcumin (the active compound in turmeric that is really good for you) in Ryla's products are testing at the same levels both fresh before they are dried, and then after when they are dried and packaged. Ryla is available for purchase on, on Amazon and is eligible for Amazon Affiliates.

Founding Story

The idea behind Ryla was actually hatched by Co-Founder Chris Douglas after a trip to a local juice shop in Echo Park. Growing up and all through college, Chris was an avid consumer of Emergen-C. He had also always been someone who was food conscious, doing his best to eat clean organic foods and limit his sugar consumption.

One day, Chris made the mistake of looking on the back of a Vitamin C packet and was shocked to discover that in a 9 gram packet anywhere from 5 – 7 grams of it were refined sugar. This naturally went against everything Chris was attempting to do when it came to healthy eating habits.

Chris then opted for fresh-squeezed juice shots which he started purchasing from a local juice shop. While the ingredients were exactly what he was looking for, the time inconvenience, perishability, and cost of $5 or more, made it so that this was more of an occasional luxury than a healthy habit.

Then a few years later, Chris's cousin (and eventually Co-Founder) Will Reedy, came to visit and they went to get a fresh Ginger Lemon Cayenne Pepper shot from the juice shop down the street. On the way there, Chris was airing his frustration about his two incomplete options, either an inexpensive Vitamin C packet loaded with sugar or an expensive inconvenient juice shot that required 30 minutes of my time and a serious dent in his wallet.

Will was actually the one to have the insight, he asked: “Has anyone done what you’re describing? Created an all-natural organic Emergen-C or a dried organic juice shot?” The idea seemed so obvious once he said it out loud. Chris immediately started googling to see if something like this existed. When it became clear it didn’t, Ryla was born.


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