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SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2020 - Paceline today announced the public launch of the first-ever retail health and wellness platform that rewards consumers for working out 150 minutes a week. Download the Paceline app* from the App Store and sync an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin to start tracking 150 weekly minutes of elevated heart rate activity. The American Heart Association, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity spread throughout the week. “I started Paceline to create a world where businesses - health & wellness brands, financial services, healthcare providers, and consumer companies - invest directly in you throughout your health and wellness journey, said Joel Lieginger, Paceline Founder and CEO. “Our team is creating a platform where you are rewarded to take care of yourself, and we built the ecosystem to enable it.” The Paceline platform tracks physical activity and leverages customer spending data, accessed through a linked credit card, to curate health and wellness rewards. Since the launch of its beta program earlier this year in January, Paceline customers (known as Pacers) have earned and redeemed more than 40,000 rewards totaling over $135,000, including $5000 in donations to Black Lives Matter. Pacers have logged over 50,000 workouts and over 6 million exercise minutes (equalling 15 years). The Pacers’ workouts include running, walking, HIIT, and even kayaking. Initial rewards include major brands across the health and wellness ecosystem in apparel, service delivery, food & beverage, fitness, and vitamins and supplements. The app is available for iOS and is compatible with Apple Watch, any Fitbit model with a heart rate monitor, and any Garmin model with a heart rate monitor. For more information about Paceline, please visit * Paceline is only available in the US. About Paceline: Paceline is the first retail health and wellness platform that incentivizes consumers to live a healthy lifestyle. Paceline's mission is to bring the worlds of physical and financial rewards together. Consumers earn health and wellness rewards for 150 minutes a week of exercise with an elevated heart rate. Maintaining this healthy streak week-over-week results in higher-value rewards. ### Contacts BenHur Castro
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