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APRIL 2021 (LOS ANGELES, CA) - Origin, the women’s health company providing physical therapy for issues specific to the female body, announces an initial round of seed funding led by Brand Foundry Ventures and The Blue Venture Fund. The funds will be used to further Origin’s mission of providing specialized, accessible care to the 40M women nationwide per year who suffer from health issues related to pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sexual health. The new investment will also accelerate the LA-based company’s growth, including virtual care throughout the US, the opening of additional physical locations in California, and expanding its provider network.

Origin provides full-body physical therapy and expert guidance for the incredibly common yet overlooked issues like incontinence and painful sex, most often related to pelvic floor dysfunction. The brand offers virtual and in-person sessions, covered by insurance, with expert PTs who focus on overall women’s wellness through unique and first-of-its-kind physical therapy services, proprietary at-home educational content, and community experiences.

“If there were a health issue affecting 1 in 3 men in America, there would be a practice like ours on every corner,” said Co-Founder & CEO Carine Carmy. “Instead, one third of adult women are suffering silently with painful, often embarrassing, yet extremely common health issues, and it’s costing our health system billions of dollars each year. If they do see a doctor - or a dozen in my case - they are either told to ‘deal with it’ or are recommended invasive procedures. Origin’s growth is critical to reach more women and providers, and to ensure that physical therapy is recognized as the first line treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. By elevating the standard of care, we aim to break the cycle of minimizing women's pain, today and for generations to come.”

The funding announcement comes just one year after Origin launched virtual care across CA, NY and TX in March 2020, safely and effectively offering one-on-one physical therapy sessions for thousands of women in their homes.  In August 2020, Origin opened its first physical location in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood and has since been fully-booked in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. Overall, Origin has grown over 500% since its launch last year with over 50% of their patients opting for virtual care. 

Led by Brand Foundry Ventures - whose portfolio includes Allbirds, Harry’s, Lola, Peloton, The Wonder and Warby Parker - and the Blue Venture Fund, the seed round also introduces investment from Founders Factory New York (Johnson & Johnson Innovation), Steel Sky Ventures, Springbank Collective, and Pipeline Capital Partners. In addition, Origin welcomes angel investors Toyin Ajayi, Chief Health Officer and Co-founder at Cityblock Health; Sharon Knight, former President at One Medical; Ashley Mayer, VP of Communications at Glossier; Jaclyn Rice Nelson, Co-founder at TribeAI; and several others.

“With the current women’s health sector undergoing a radical transformation, we are excited about our major investment in Origin,” said Andrew Mitchell, Founder at Brand Foundry Ventures. “Their brand mission and market need is clear, and the founding team is the most compelling we’ve seen. Origin will allow more comprehensive care to be delivered directly — and in ways that are more convenient and personalized for patients.”

“As the healthcare industry shifts towards more holistic, preventative care, we believe Origin’s progressive point of view has the potential to change the way women engage with their healthcare through every stage of life,” said Anna Haghgooie, Managing Director at The Blue Venture Fund.  “From reducing unnecessary surgeries to helping women avoid years of misdiagnoses, Origin’s unique model of physical therapy and education will be a critical component of the American healthcare system for years to come.”

Specific details relating to the funding include the April 2021 opening of Origin’s two new physical locations in California: a second Los Angeles location in West Hollywood and a first in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood. Origin will also expand throughout 2021 to bring its current digital offering outside of CA, NY, and TX and provide virtual care nationwide. Additionally, the investment will accelerate opportunities for women’s health and pelvic floor PTs to join Origin’s nationwide provider network. PTs who are looking for growth opportunities or are interested in joining Origin in their mission can learn more here.

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