Date Established 05/2020
Founder Chris Giblin, Rossukon Maliwan
Headquarters Santa Rosa, California
Website https://www.drinknamjai.com
Press Contact Chris Giblin


Blue Tea
Blue Tea $2.49
Red Tea
Red Tea $2.49
Yellow Tea
Yellow Tea $2.49


Namjai produces non-carbonated, naturally caffeine-free, fresh-brewed, and low calorie herbal iced teas. Packed with immune-boosting antioxidants, anthocyanins, beta-carotene, and vitamins, these Thailand inspired teas are served in brightly colored 12oz aluminum cans, which are most eco-friendly in terms of environmental impact and recyclability.

Unlike many functional beverages with zero calories and zero taste, Namjai has a modest 50 calories or fewer per 12oz can, which delivers the full flavors of the teas. T naturally caffeine-free, so there is no energy spike and crash. Available in three flavors - Blue Tea, Red Tea & Yellow Tea, Namjai's ingredients include chrysanthemum, butterfly pea flower, roselle, and monk fruit, which have been brewed in teas for centuries in Thailand and surrounding countries.

 Namjai donates a portion of sales to Phuket Sunshine Village, which supports foster kids in Phuket who have been impacted by the precipitous drop in tourism.

Founding Story

Chris Giblin and Rossukon Maliwan founded Namjai in the summer of 2020 to introduce delicious and functional Thai herbal iced teas in North America. It started in 2016 when Chris served herbal iced teas as welcome drinks to guests checking into their boutique hotel in Phuket. The guests loved the unique flavors, colors, and health benefits. Moreover, many would ask how to make it and would end up taking the ingredients home on their departure. When Chris and Rossukon exited the hotel business, they continued brewing herbal iced teas at home and sharing them with friends and family. Amidst the positive responses for their teas, they decided to ramp up their production through a local co-packer and share these amazing teas with the world.


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Rossukon Maliwan

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Rossukon has spent most of her career in customer service and guest relations. She has worked abroad for companies such as HP and C3i Solutions. She took the leap into entrepreneurship when she got involved in the boutique hotel business with Chris. That decision ultimately led to expanding to the 3rd location and selling all 3 hotels in the end as a package deal. She is a hands-on worker who stays until the job is done no matter what. 

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Chris Giblin

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Chris is a former educator who has lived and worked in many countries abroad including S. Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. He left the education industry in 2016 to pursue owning his own boutique hotel business in Phuket, Thailand. After expanding to a total of 3 locations, he sold the business in early 2020 to pursue a new life in the U.S. His goal in any business is to provide the best customer service possible, and to always exceed customer expectations.