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A frozen supergreen rich with nutrients like iron, B12 and a complete protein


Date Established 01/2020
Headquarters Minneapolis, MN
Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Brooke Golden



Mankai® is a nutritional plant powerhouse, supported by clinical research, making it a green you shouldn’t live without. This leafy green is the world’s smallest vegetable and is a high-quality, complete, plant-based protein that contains bioavailable iron, fiber, vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients. The tiny, but mighty green has health benefits documented in more than eight peer-reviewed studies.

A blending of the Hebrew words “manna,” and “kai,” Mankai can be translated as “life food.” Mankai offers nutrition superior to most vegetables and may be the most nutrient dense vegetable available, given its compact size of only 1/64 of an inch. This tiny green is a complete plant protein with all nine essential amino acids, and contains iron, fiber, Vitamin B12, and numerous other micronutrients.

Mankai doesn’t rely on massive tracts of land and nor does it rely on elaborate manual labor to grow. It’s cultivated hydroponically indoors, on arid land relying on natural sun and heat to thrive. Mankai uses 1/7th the amount of water per gram of protein as pea protein and 1/20th less per gram than most animal sources. Mankai is consumed as a complete plant leaving almost no food waste, making it a sustainable plant that’s easy on the planet.

Founding Story

Mankai is a vegetable so our founder story is an origin story that we owe to the wonder of mother nature. That's said, Mankai is cultivated with a lot of care to ensure it's grown for maximum nutrient density, sustainability and food safety. Mankai is the smallest vegetable in the world, a leafy green of the Lemnaceae family and is grown hydroponically. Lemnaceae have been extensively researched for their unique nutrient profile. Mankai is the domesticated Wolffia globosa plant that naturally floats on the surface of fresh water in Southeast Asia and other geographies. Wolffia globosa has traditionally been consumed in Thailand, where it is called Khai-nam or water-eggs and is incorporated into soups and salads as an additional source of protein.

Today, Mankai is grown indoors in a hydroponic system, using little light, water and with minimal food waste, making it both nutrient dense and easy on the planet.  The specific Mankai species of Lemnaceae, Wolffia globosa, was selected for its small size (1/64th of an inch), its oval shape, and its lack of roots resulting in an appealing taste and texture.  They have worked for the latter part of the last decade to perfect the farming of Mankai and to better understand its many nutrient benefits. They are now making Mankai available for the US Market in convenient frozen cubes you can add to anything.


Ephi Eyal

CEO, Hinnoman USA

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Ephi is on a mission to bring Mankai, an ancient-green super-vegetable to the US. He was CEO of IFP, Inc., a leader in powdered product innovation and a manufacturer of brands such as Truvia, Orgain, and RxBar. He led the global food business for CP Kelco, the world’s largest hydrocolloids supplier –ingredients used to stabilize and texturize.

Ephi served as an air force pilot, holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.