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Good Dye Young

Bad ass hair care products inspired by individuality, creativity, and self-expression


Date Established 04/2016
Founder Hayley Williams, Brian O' Connor
Headquarters Nashville, TN
Beauty, Fashion
Press Contact Becca Sievers


WASH $26.00
RINSE $26.00
PRE WASH $30.00
PRIME $28.00
I'M BORED $12.00
Poser Paste
Poser Paste $18.00


Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Good Dye Young is a vegan, cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color and hair care company, founded in 2015 by Hayley Williams and Celebrity Hair Stylist Brian O’Connor.

Since it began, the sustainability driven haircare line has expanded from semi-permanent hair dyes to hair care focused on teaching people how to take care of their hair the way they would with their bodies. Good Dye Young isn’t just a hair company, it is a collection of salon-quality products aimed at embracing differences and encouraging experimentation.

At its core, Good Dye Young, believes in creating a safe and inclusive community, inspired by self-expression, individuality, inclusivity and vibrant color.

Founding Story

Good Dye Young was created by Hayley Williams, lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band Paramore, and her longtime hair stylist and makeup artist, Brian O’Connor. The two became best friends through years of creative collaboration and developed Good Dye Young in 2015 as a hair color and care brand with a vision to create a community around self-expression, color and happiness about being who you are.

Good Dye Young is an extension of their shared passion to provide a brand that breaks down that wall of just being a company, and creating a community you can be a part of, empowered by tools that encourage ones freedom of self-expression.

“Hair is one of the coolest and easiest tools that we have for self-expression. It’s your own personal megaphone and it’s attached to your head! Our purpose is to create an all-inclusive culture that inspires creativity and empowers everyone’s journey through self-discovery with a whole lot more fun so we can all dye happy.”

– Hayley Williams


Hayley Williams

Co-Founder, CEO

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Hayley Williams is the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band Paramore and Co-Founder of Good Dye Young. Throughout her musical career she has remained a vibrant hair color icon. Her love for community, self expression, and storytelling is the heart of Good Dye Youngs brand voice and culture.

Brian O' Connor

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

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Brian O’ Connor is a staple in the styling scene in the South’s entertainment capital, Nashville. His 16 years of professional cosmetology experience in color and style has helped shape GDY’s products. Focused on quality ingredients and product performance, Brian sets a high standard for all of the brand’s offerings.

Becca Sievers

Director of Education

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Becca Sievers is a licensed cosmetologist with 8 years of experience. Her expertise in creative color gives Good Dye Young the tools to educate it's community and teach them the correct ways to use at home hair color and care.