Don’t Go Nuts Launches Mini Chewy Granola Bar Variety Packs, Available Exclusively at Walmart
Brand Logo Don't Go Nuts dividng line Sep 09, 2020
PHILADELPHIA, PA, SEPTEMBER 2020 - Don’t Go Nuts, the nut-free, gluten-free, organic, school-safe snack company, today announced that their Chewy Granola Bars are now available in two new Mini Variety Packs - Apple Cinnamon/Strawberry and Chocolate Chip/White Chocolate Chip. Now available in over 1,700 Walmart stores nationwide, the Don’t Go Nuts Mini Chewy Granola Bar Variety Packs retail for $5.96 each. Mini in size but big in flavor, Don’t Go Nuts organic Mini Chewy Granola Bars offer a soft texture from organic oats and brown crisp rice, and bits of organic fruit. Created with the belief that food is meant to nourish, not harm and that good food is a balance of what is in it and what is not, Don’t Go Nuts Mini Variety Packs contain only 5-6 grams of sugar per serving and are all tree and peanut free, gluten free and school-safe. According to Megan Shea, Don’t Go Nuts CEO, “with the launch of our new mini variety packs, we’re excited to introduce consumers to this new Don’t Go Nuts packaging, but most importantly, we’re thrilled to offer parents a new, nutritious, healthy and allergen free option for all of their kids’ snacking needs.” Don’t Go Nuts new Mini Variety Packs are now available exclusively at Walmart stores for $5.96 per box.
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