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Date Established 03/2020
Founder Shaleen Ratansi
Headquarters Canada
Press Contact Shaleen Ratansi


/ Eye-ah / noun: caregiver or caretaker: a person who takes care of another

Aiya aiyA is a luxury handbag and accessory collection meticulously handcrafted in ateliers by skilled artisans in North America. Their mantra is to create beautiful handbags fueled by a sense of purpose. In efforts to accomplish this, each aspect of their business is designed to give back everything that was taken from Mother Nature to achieve zero waste. Aiya aiyA is driven by their responsibility to leave a legacy for future generations to live towards.

Inspired by nature’s circle of life, Aiya aiyA’s handbags are methodically built using circular closed loop economy techniques - starting with ingredients from nature that can be safely broken down into nutrients and returned back to nature. All of their natural textiles are created from leftover plant waste making them renewable, sustainable & ecological.

In piecing together each style, Aiya aiyA ensures every square inch of material is allotted into different designs so no cuts go to waste. Each style is constructed from leather made from leftover plant materials, with colors derived naturally from flowers and tree bark.

Aiya ayiA stands for life of all forms, and so with every order placed, they plant a tree with their eco partner Tree Era to show their appreciation & gratitude to mother nature.


Shaleen Ratansi

Founder & CEO

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Shaleen leads with more than 18 years of international experience in the fashion industry overseeing design, production, branding, and marketing. Her background provides a global perspective for successfully developing and implementing strategies for major brands and multiple sales channels.