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Our Mission
In the beginning of 2020, we realized it was time for small businesses to start interacting with the media in a more efficient way. We brought the best of traditional and modern practices together with tech to accomplish one goal: to connect brands directly to journalists.
Our community helps thousands of brands, publicists, and journalists engage with each other to facilitate newsworthy stories in a modern world. ‍

By streamlining and digitizing the processes of an antiquated industry, we are making the news cycle stronger and more reliable. Journalists spend less time sifting through irrelevant pitches while diversifying their sources, and brands get the timely earned media coverage they deserve.  

Press Hook unlocks a new marketing channel for the 70 percent of small businesses who need press but don't have the resources for proper media exposure. We are on a mission to help small businesses gain brand awareness in top media publications with our innovative technology-driven solutions.


Meet Our Founder

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Michelle Songy, CEO

Michelle experienced as a first-time founder, how difficult it was for a startup to access the media in a meaningful way. When traveling abroad, she talked to local businesses and realized that access to domestic and international media was a larger global issue and 99% of the time, cost was the major factor for not engaging with the press. So Michelle launched a tech-enabled PR firm in order to specialize in promoting start ups and small businesses.

With newsrooms shrinking and hundreds of new businesses launching every day, there are thousands of innovative products and stories to be told, so the idea for Press Hook was born…